Killin' mad Bitches

The adventures wake up bruised and confused on the forest floor. Above them is the dirigible, suspended by the limbs great oaks. Immediately, they notice Sophuriel’s body being dragged up a hill by a massive bear. Rushing to the aid of his companion, Sel sprints at the bear in with righteous zeal. The other three stumble along with him. Right after the first blows were exchanged they noticed a grey and yellow-cloaked figure standing atop the hill, grasping a menacing spiked chain. He repelled down the cliff and aided in the fight against the bear. After braving a rockslide and slaying a shadow wolf who snuck up on Hakim, the adventurers questioned the new guest. The Shadar-kai, named Vahn, agreed to accompany them on their journey to Tardashyn, mostly to honor Sel’s allegiance to the Raven Queen. Having forgotten about Sophuriel’s mangled corpse, they rushed to check and see what they could do for her, but alas, it was too late for her. A fiery angel ascended to the skies and left them with words of wisdom for the future, taking Sophuriel’s corpse with her.

Welcome to Kendall

The Human Avenger, Sel, bodyguard and friend to Sophuriel, accompanies the deva on her journey to discover her past in Tardashyn. The two Divine adventures soon strengthened their party.

Meeting a half-elven bard, Zairon, and a strange halfling rogue, Tiurf, on a small trading vessel, Sel and Sophuriel decided the more the merrier and ventured together with their new companions into the port town, Kendall. There was a very large Legionnaire presence in this town and they were restricted from leaving by ground. They spent some time in the local bar, The Salty Sailor, and met a stranger named Hakim. What was a Githyanki doing in Tardashyn? No one seemed to care. He stirred up some attention by teleporting outside the town gates and pissing off a few legionnaires, but they took mercy on him. After slaying some rats and contracting filth disease underneath the town’s water mill, they spent the night in Ferlo’s Inn. The next morning the five of them boarded the Dirigible for Torynn, the capital city of silver spires. However, halfway through their journey they were shot down above a forest and crash landed.

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