Sel Haiden

Human Avenger


Sel is the unassuming, quietly self-righteous tank. You would never expect it from his manner or his slim build, but it he only barely wields his weapon – he is simply a medium for the Raven Queen’s desires.

AC: 20 p. str: 10 p. con: 13 p. dex: 15 p. int: 12 p. wis: 17 p. cha: 9 p. weapon: fullblade; armor: sylvan leather

Sel hails from an ancient and hidden monastery devoted to the Raven Queen. The name of Sel’s sect is a holy word of the Raven Queen and a closely guarded secret. Only those initiated by their leader learn the name. Sel was raised as an orphan at the monastery and had always been the quiet lesser child. As his holy education grew, the leaders of the sect saw potential in Sel as a secret warrior in direct service to the Raven Queen. The monastery was one of her last pure havens where the Raven Queen’s bidding was done according to ancient traditions, and it was in this vein that Sel grew.

At the age of 17, Sel’s masters determined that he might begin the rites of passage that an Avenger must take. During the final ritual, while in complete isolation, the Raven Queen appeared to Sel and foretold his future as one of her most powerful servants. After the rites had ended, the leader of the sect, an Avenger himself who had gone the path of the Oathsworn, sent Sel to Tardashyn. He gave little reason as to why Sel should pursue this distant land particularly, other than that Sel’s skills would be best put to use there.

Sel Haiden

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